454 suburban mpg

454 suburban mpg

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Chevrolet's famous "big-block" 454 V8 was introduced in 1970, and replaced the 427 as the top-dog engine option. It's not often that an engine's debut year turns out to be its zenith year, but that certainly was the case with the 454. Besides being an optional workhorse engine for the pedestrian full-size Impala and Caprice, it also powered the Corvette and Chevelle SS in 390 hp LS5 and 450 ... Aug 26, 2011 · The GM 454 (7.4) is a great engine. The basic engine is a real workhorse. The following is just my opinion. I feel that any coach up to 34' is just about the max for a gas engine. 37' might be a little too much for the 454. That being said, if you drive it right it should do the job for you. You might want to take I-80 across Nebraska and Wyoming.

im not positive but i think we got about 11 mpg out of our old suburban. Re: 1997 Chevy Suburban 454 [ Re: jstutz ] #1760960 01/29/10 07:26 PM Joined: Dec 2009

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I have a 92 3500 dually 454,TBI,4L80E,and mileage sucks about 8 mpg on a good day ! Its almost how many gallons to the mile . 92 3500 toy hauler, 63,70,Nova,83 Shovel, Blown with N2o 90 step side Email Report cdmhenry Very Senior Member Posts: 2405 Loc: Minden, NV. Reg: 09-14-00. User Info.Later, I built a 0.040" over forged flat top 454, same heads as Mike head, with 2.19 and 1.88 valves, some porting, a Weiand dual plane, 1-3/4" Hedman Camaro headers, and a Comp 268 cam. It made 450HP and 480 foot pounds of torque, it got 12 MPG with a 28' all steel goose neck trailer with 10,000 pounds of cabbage on it, there was maybe 2500 ...

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Oct 07, 2008 · My dad has a 98 chevy 454 vortec and I talked him in to letting me try to get him better fuel milage with it. Told him that with EFI you can change just about anything, just like tuning the oldies. Wellllllllll OK I'm lost. I tried advancing the timing and logged a couple runs and it actually got worse or didn't change a thing....

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